Series: Restaurant Review – Manzanita

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 During our weekend in Tahoe we attended a wedding but wanted to plan a few hours to get away and do something just the two of us, so we headed to the Ritz Carlton Saturday morning for brunch and exploring. The hotel is set in the beautiful mountains of Tahoe on the North Star resort and the hotel is grand and absolutely beautiful. We had brunch at Manzanita, one of the on site restaurants and then spent several hours exploring and relaxing outside. It was the perfect mini getaway from our busy weekend.

I knew I wanted something sweet and fruity for breakfast and the bruleed french toast was delicious and the perfect combination with it’s creme fraiche, thick bread, berries and the most delicious syrup with it’s golden sweet, light taste. Vadim opted for the Huevos Rancheros with it’s towering layering of corn tortillas, pork and drunken beans. He said it was one of the best he has ever said which is saying a lot for a guy who just left Texas and some of the best Mexican food ever! It was lovely to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and a diet coke. If you get a chance make sure to pay a visit to this beautiful hotel.

What is your favorite place for brunch, Lovelies?

Love, Jacque

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